Food: November 25, 2014

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Primal Fare

Can you hear that sound? That’s me patting myself on the back for making sleep a priority. :) As I’ve previously mentioned, sleep is a key factor for my health, and last night, according to my FitBit One tracker, I managed to another night of over eight hours of sleep. As a result I woke up in a great mood and ready for busy day.

I started the day as usual with my daily creatine supplement and kept my intermittent fast going by waiting until about 1pm for my first meal, except for a couple of cans of Celsius throughout the morning. Like yesterday, I had a very busy workday that lasted until 6:30pm (even though I though this short, holiday week might be light).

Eggs and bacon for lunch, leftover steak, grilled asparagus with a baked potato for dinner–quite a clean, Primal/Paleo eating day. I only wish someone in the house hadn’t eaten the spinach because I wanted to make a green smoothy. :( No worries, I made sure to take my daily vitamin supplement per usual.

One more work day for me and then turkey and football so, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!



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