Food: November 6, 2014

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My body surprises me sometimes. :) If you have been looking at my eating habits, as documented by this blog, you know I like and follow an intermittent fasting eating style. My goal is to keep my eating window roughly between noon and 8pm. Because of work meetings, I didn’t eat my first meal until about 2:30pm–I still had my 5g dose of creatine first thing in the morning and couple of cans of Celsius which don’t drag enough calories to throw my body out of the fast. The good news is that my body has consistently been in ketosis for a few weeks so I had no trouble waiting a couple of extra hours to break my fast–yeah, I’m a fat burning machine!:D However, I was pretty hungry by 2:30pm and so I ate a huge meal, a salad and chips & guacamole from Chipotle, and it was sooooo good!

At dinner time (after my son’s swim practice) I wasn’t hungry at all. I was thirsty :) and since I had an open bottle of Merlot, I had a couple of glasses to wind down. Pretty cool to me that this body of mine can self regulate and I was able to exist on eating a single meal today with no ill effects mentally (no low blood sugar symptoms like focus issues or dizziness). I think the key is I’m getting better at listening to my body and eating when I need to and not eating when not needed.

Hope your week is going well and, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!



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