Food: November 11, 2014

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I woke up feeling great this morning. The stomach/GI situation from yesterday (can you say bad reaction to Mexican food?) seemed to be over…I’ll emphasize “seemed” here…

Busy day with work and a doctor appointment which started with my daily ketosis test which showed me back in a ketogenic state! No surprise as kept yesterday’s estimated carb count low. I took my daily dose of creatine first thing and maintained my intermittent fasting routine by not eating until after noon (other than a boost of caffeine in the morning). I tried a new Greek place for lunch and other than indulging in some of the pita, I managed a relatively healthy meal.

Since we had another spectacular weather day, I was able to take a five mile walk in the evening while my son attended swim practice. I enjoyed listening to The Tim Ferriss Show and all was well until…at the very end of the walk my stomach became quite upset. :( Don’t know if this was a lingering thing from the Mexican or if the Pita or some other component of the Greek lunch didn’t agree with me). In any case, I didn’t feel like eating when I got home, and ended up grabbing a handful of almonds and an apple for dinner. The lesson for me is there is no control when I eat out and I never really know how food prepared by others might affect me…as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!



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