Food: March 4, 2015

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Eat Food, Repeat

I love leftovers. :) I’m not sure why, but this latest batch of spaghetti squash turned out excellent! I had the last of it for lunch today and I told my wife how sad I am it’s all gone. Oh well, I can make more.

Another busy day where I realized at 7:30pm I probably should get up from the computer and eat. I ended up making bacon and eggs for dinner…who doesn’t occasionally feel like breakfast for dinner?

I woke up feeling a little tired this morning–the lack of sleep is catching up to me.  My alarm woke me up this morning which rarely happens –I usually just wake up. If I don’t start getting more sleep I might end up sick. In  addition to my daily handful of vitamins I’ve been adding an extra dose of Vitamin C to hedge. My answer to a sleepy morning is a jolt of  caffeine via my favorite all-natural energy drink, Celsius–I love it!

A very good day nutritionally with the foods falling in line with my version of Primal/Paleo eating. For some reason I failed to drink my water today–I try to drink a minimum of 64 oz. per day…not sure what happened with that.

I hope your week is going great and, as always…

Be smart in kitchen and a beast in the gym!


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