Food: March 25, 2015

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Darn You Leftover Cake

I’ve mentioned plenty of times how addictive sugar and grains are to me! Yesterday I mentioned indulging in some cake and ice cream and not stressing about it. I was banking that the others in the house might eradicate it before today but, alas, when I got home from the gym, there sat the leftover goodies! :( Having no control, I ended up having a bit again tonight.

This is what I use to make my green smoothy

Despite not getting enough sleep, I woke up in a good mood with less stress. Other than the junk I mentioned above, the rest of my diet pretty much followed my version of Primal/Paleo eating. I followed my ritual of intermittent fasting and had eggs, bacon, a potato and a wonderful green smoothy (effortlessly, hand crafted with my trusty Vitamix 😉 ). Even with the cake and ice cream, I kept my estimated carbohydrate intake well under my goal of 200g, so I would bet my body stayed in ketosis. Hopefully my new Ketonix Sport ketone breath analyzer will show up soon and I can continue my daily testing.

We are halfway through the work week so, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!


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