Food: January 7, 2015

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Glad I’m IFing

Hmmm, “IFing” almost sounds like language that would get my mouth washed out as a kid! :) But it isn’t because IF = Intermittent Fasting, and today was one of those days where being a fat burning machine allowed me to eat my first meal of the day at around 1pm…and here’s the key, without any symptoms of “low blood sugar,” like headache, dizziness, and/or brain fog. I love this freedom from dependence on “needing to eat” or suffer the consequences!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I worked out first thing this morning too! Full disclosure, I did consume my normal workout day dose of BCAAs after my squats and deadlifts–I normally drink half on the way to the gym and the other half while lifting, but this morning I simply forgot.

I seem to be consistently back on the ketosis train as my early morning test showed my body in a ketogenic state, which is great! This goes hand-in-hand with IFing (oops, I did it again) because, as you probably know by now, my goal is to keep my blood glucose level low.

This week is flying by for me and I can see this weekend’s NFL playoff games getting closer :) so, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!



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