Food: January 4, 2015

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My Ketosis Streak Is Broken

My Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer (ignore the cute doggie in the background)

My Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer (ignore the cute doggie in the background)

I woke up this morning and, like I do every day, I used my Ketonix breath ketone analyzer to determine if my body is in a ketogenic state. I have been on quite a roll and have been in ketosis for a couple of months. Well, the streak is over! :( When you look at my food diary for Saturday, my estimated carbohydrate was fairly low for me at 108g, so what the heck happened?

My theory is there are two reasons why my body slipped out of ketosis:

  1. The carbs I consumed were not “good” carbs: peanut butter cups, red wine, and popcorn. Hmmmm, not exactly green, leafy vegetables! :)
  2. My physical activity for the part few days has been almost nonexistent.

My history shows I can get away with eating some “bad carbs,” like those listed above, as long as I maintain my normal level of physical activity. So maybe the combination of the two factors above is the cause?

I really like maintaining a ketogenic state because it means my blood sugar is low and I’m burning ketones as my primary fuel (instead of glucose).

So what’s my plan to get back into ketosis? Get back to my version of Primal/Paleo eating, focus on intermittent fasting, and get back to my workout routine.

In any case, I hope your weekend went great and, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!



  1. Rhonda Starks says

    Angry Orchard Cider for snack? De-Lish! Love it! Hope the shoulder isn’t too painful after the workout today :-)

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