Food: January 18, 2015

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Crappy Pizza Experiment

Alright folks, today I’m conducting an experiment where I eat crap to see if I can throw my body out of its ketogenic state. Let me set this up by saying the first thing I do in the morning is use my Ketonix breath ketone analyzer to test if I wake up in ketosis. I have been testing in ketosis for the past two weeks and over time, I have found by keeping my carb load under 200g, I generally test positive for ketosis.

1-18-2015-featuredToday, by eating tacos and pizza, I estimate my carbohydrate to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 230g. Plus, most of these carbs are BAD, meaning they are coming from processed food and grains. This is NOT the eating pattern I desire (check out this post). Do you think eating this crappy food threw my body out of ketosis?

Well, if you said “yes” you are correct. :( What’s the big deal, Fit Over 50 Guy? Everyone eats tacos and frozen pizza, right? Based on my research, having high blood glucose levels is not my preferred state–I want to keep my blood sugar low and burn ketones as my primary source of fuel. I want to be a fat burning machine! :) I think the benefits for me include:

  • less systemic inflammation
  • allows me to successfully fast intermittently
  • think of and use food more as fuel for my body (stops the constant hunger)
  • helps me maintain a lean, athletic body

Everyone is different and this lifestyle just seems to work for me. Do I miss eating the junk? At times, yes. Do I eat junk? Yes, all the time. Will eating junk now and then kill me? No! The trick for me is waking up tomorrow and getting back to my version of a Primal/Paleo eating pattern and not falling back into a traditional standard American diet because I believe that could cause me long term health issues!

I sure hope your weekend was fantastic and, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!





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