Food: January 12, 2015

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Green Smoothy Returns

It’s Monday, a workout day, and I woke up feeling great. Due to the weekend rest, my should is nearly back to normal, finally! Started the day in a normal fashion with a positive ketosis test and then I took my daily 5g dose of creatine. I drank a can of my all-natural energy drink, Celsius, as well as my pre-workout BCAAs on the way to the

Keeping with my habit of intermittent fasting, I had my first meal at about 1pm. Today I finally got out my Vitamix and whipped up the first green smoothy of 2015! Spinach, kale, apple, strawberries, a lime, cucumber, carrot, celery and almond milk. Awesome! I feel so healthy when I drink these great concoctions.

I hope you kicked your work week off positively and, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!


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