Food: February 4, 2015

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Defeating The Evil Cake

Interesting food day for me! Started the day in a great mood with a workout–since I work out fasted, I took my daily 5g dose of creatine first thing and then caffeinated up and drank my pre-workout BCAAs on my short drive to the gym. To stay with the intermittent fasting routine, I waited until just before noon to eat my first meal.

cakeProbably the morning deadlifts, but I ate like a pig at lunch: eggs, bacon, a potato and a giant green smoothy (whipped up with my trusty Vitamix). The whole time I’m cooking I had this (see picture) staring me in the face…temptation! Here’s how I defeated the evil cake–I told myself that once I finished the food and the green smoothy, if still hungry, I would eat some cake. Luckily I was so stuffed with nutrient-dense food that any urge to consume the cake vanished! Not going to lie, I’m proud that I resisted given power sugar and wheat can have over me. I sure hope my family hurries up and eats this temptation :)

Here’s to defeating temptation and, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!




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