Food: February 2, 2015

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Back In The Saddle

The Super Bowl indulgence is over and today I’m back in the nutritional saddle again. Woke up in a great mood and, even though I slept through a great football game, getting a full night’s sleep certainly helps! I saw on the national TV news last night that new sleep standards have been released, once again bringing awareness to the importance to getting ZZZZZZs.  As you know, I track my sleep with the FitBit One tracker and monitoring my sleep has been extremely helpful!

Another key for me, along with sleep, is consistency and routine and, thankfully, today I followed my normal Monday ritual:

  • Record my weight/body fat using my FitBit Aria Smart Scale
  • Use my Ketonix Breath Analyzer to check for ketosis (positive)
  • Take my daily 5g dose of creatine
  • Drop my daughter at bus stop
  • While driving to the gym drink a can of Celsius and pre-workout BCAAs
  • Lift weights!

I also kept my intermittent fasting ritual by eating my first meal at noonish and my second and last meal at about 7pm.

Here’s to kicking off the work week in a positive fashion and, as always…

Be smart in the kitchen and a beast in the gym!



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