lovelandMy name is Dan Springer and I’m not a doctor, scientist, personal trainer or nutritionist–I’m just a regular guy with a wife, a pair of teenagers, and a demanding, full-time job who happens to have a personal interest in fitness and nutrition.

Meet My Family…

Like everyone, my life is busy! My son, now a junior in high school, is on the swim team and my daughter, a high school sophomore, is a competitive dancer and enrolled in an extremely demanding International Baccalaureate program at school.

StevenMy swimmer is often in the pool at 5am before school and then swims another two hours in the evening–he is my hero! He took up competitive swimming the summer before his freshman year of high school–his idea. This kid never complains and works his butt off–I could not be more proud. The results are paying off as he has become a productive member of his high school swim team and will soon earn his third varsity letter.

My ballerina has been dancing since the age of three. She does every dance style: jazz, tap, lyrical, modern and, her favorite, ballet. She has dance practice multiple nights a week plus the weekend and often does homework until past midnight. She participates in many competitions and loves it!Madison-leaping

My wife and I serve as the taxi service for them–she generally handles the dance and homework duties while I cover the swimming.

I have been married to the love of my life for 26 years–she is foundation of our family! Do you love the sunglasses? It was the 80’s so you’ll have to forgive us!Wedding

Last, But Not Least…

On top of all this activity, we all make time for the princess of the house, Lexi! I don’t think anyone in our family would dispute the fact that this six and-a-half pound fur ball and I worship each other–we are constant and inseparable companions!


My Story

I was born in Ohio in 1964 and spent my first twelve years growing up in the small town of Galion where my life seemed like a perfect 1960s era TV show with summer swimming lessons at the town pool, Fourth of July fireworks, Little League baseball, Friday night high school football, trick-or-treating all over the town, sledding at the reservoir, caroling with the church youth group, visiting Santa at the town square which was always decked out with dazzling lights and holiday ornaments. My dad was a high school teacher allowing summer vacations which included extended tent-camping trips across the country visiting the country’s national parks and historic sites. Although I never took an commercial airline flight until the summer after my junior year of high school, by the age of thirteen, I had visited each of the 48 continental states by car.

In 1977, my family moved to the Tampa, Florida area and, taking after my older brother, I became interested in computers. While in high school, the family purchased one of the first color personal computers and my brother and I began learning how to program. I graduated with honors from Brandon High School and enrolled at the University of Tampa. In 1986 I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Management Information Systems. I became a programmer, systems analyst, systems engineer, and then sales representative for major computer companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Tandem Computers, and Sun Microsystems and now Oracle.

I’ve played sports my whole life and have used fitness and working out as way deal with life’s stresses. I developed a keen interest in understanding how diet and exercise affected me both physically, mentally and emotionally. I have a shelf full of books on diet and exercise and have adopted many eating and work out strategies over the years basically using myself as a guinea pig doing self experimentation in an effort to optimize my life.